In a novel like Wuthering Heights, the experience of a significant character may change him or her forever, or the experiences the character undergoes may leave him/her virtually unchanged. Select a character from the novel Wuthering Heights and formulate a well-focused essay discussing the experiences that left the character changed forever or virtually unchanged. Consider why the character has or has not been made to change and how this change or lack of change is important to the theme(s) of the work
Wuthering Heights, a novel written by Emily Bronte, tells the story of several characters who experience significant change throughout the course of the novel. Research Paper Writing Service: Professional Help in Research Projects for Students – One character who undergoes a significant change is Catherine Earnshaw. Throughout the novel, Catherine experiences a range of emotions, including love, anger, and guilt, which ultimately shape her character and lead to her transformation.
At the beginning of the novel, Catherine is a free-spirited and wild young woman who is deeply in love with Heathcliff, an orphan taken in by Catherine’s father. Their relationship is intense, and they share a deep bond, but Catherine’s father disapproves of Heathcliff and forces Catherine to marry Edgar Linton, a man of higher social standing. Catherine marries Edgar but continues to love Heathcliff, and she becomes torn between her love for Heathcliff and her duty to her husband and social status.
As the novel progresses, Catherine’s experiences with love, anger, and guilt shape her character and lead to her transformation. Her love for Heathcliff causes her to become increasingly bitter and resentful towards Edgar and society’s expectations of her. Her anger towards Edgar and society’s expectations also cause her to become increasingly isolated and disconnected from those around her. Furthermore, her guilt over her feelings for Heathcliff and her betrayal of Edgar cause her to become increasingly introverted and self-destruct

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