Ethics and Environment

Ethics and Environment
Environmental degradation is a serious environmental problem that has been growing, and companies should evaluate their packaging strategies to meet environmental preservation needs on recycling and reusing the products. A big environmental concern is an increase in the number of packaging material and expired products disposed of and harmful pollutants. The companies should be more aware of what they are putting out there in the environment because it has adverse impacts on the environment. The firms work more towards making the environment better.
I recently purchased a box of cereals from a local departmental store. I purchased from that particular company because the packaging had the ‘recycle sign’ printed on it, and the products in the box were made of organic materials. Upon disposal, the products will decompose and thus, will not cause any harm to the environment. The packaging did not suggest any ways that the product can be recycled, and I have noticed that most companies do not include this important piece of information. Designing the packages for products should include information about recycling the packaging to be more educated regarding environmental conservation.
In some ways, companies should be prohibited from selling products that cannot be repurposed or recycled to protect the environment. The pollutants should either be reused or recycled or properly disposed of safely if the former two are not possible. They should also consider not overproducing products, especially those whose shelf life is short, to reduce the number of expired goods discarded. There is a need to prevent over-usage of the natural resources used in the manufacture of those products. To sum up, companies should make and sell products that can either be reused or recycled, and for products, which is entirely impossible, they should commit to having a safe-to-the-environment way of discarding the products.

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“Sustainability and Ethics” by Eda Ulusoy, published in the Journal of Cleaner Production in 2020. This article discusses the intersection of sustainability and ethics, highlighting the importance of considering ethical principles in the pursuit of sustainable development. It explores various ethical frameworks and principles that can guide sustainable decision-making, as well as the ethical implications of specific sustainability practices and policies.

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