Individual Mood & Environment Light Assessment Assignment

Objectives: Participate in two environmental self-assessments and answer short questions Take the Self-Assessment’s: ” AutoMEQ ” and ” AutoSigh “. These self-assessments are free and will auto grade your individual score and provide you with analysis and, how you compare to others who have taken the same scale. (THE FILE IS ATTACH) (1) Discuss the results of the AutoMEQ and how you compared to others who have taken the same assessment. Are you a morning or evening type and, or surprised at the results? Explain? (2) Discuss the results of the AutoSigh. How does light impact how you feel across the seasons? How does this assessment provide benefit for those needing to track seasonal light depression? Explain?

AutoMEQ is a self-assessment tool that measures an individual’s chronotype, or their preference for morning or evening activities. The results of this assessment can help individuals understand their natural sleep patterns and how they may be affected by external factors such as work schedule or social obligations.

AutoSigh is an assessment tool that measures an individual’s response to light across the seasons. This assessment can be beneficial for those who may be experiencing symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a type of depression that is triggered by a lack of natural light. Tracking light exposure can help individuals understand how their mood and energy levels are affected by different lighting conditions, and can inform decisions about treatment or lifestyle adjustments.

Both assessments can be helpful for individuals to understand their own patterns and behaviour in relation to light and time, and make necessary adjustments for better health and well-being.

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