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MidTerm Corporate Strategy

1) What do you think about DHL’s Vision and mission, Is there a need to improve them, if yes, What would you recommend?

2) What are L’Oreal’s 6 values and how would describe them in your own words (For this question, you can use the internet) ?

3) In the text below, what External factors would force any company in the publishing industry to reconsider their strategic plans (consider both opportunities and Threats and provide some kind of prioritization to show the top 3 factors that are more significant).

This Management Assignment

DHL’s Vision and Mission:
DHL’s vision is to be “The Logistics Company for the World,” and its mission is to “connect people, improve lives, and sustainably power growth.” Overall, DHL’s vision and mission statements are strong and align well with the company’s goals and values. However, there may be opportunities to improve these statements by making them more specific and measurable. For example, the vision statement could include specific goals for sustainability, innovation, and customer service. Similarly, the mission statement could include more specific metrics for improving people’s lives, such as reducing carbon emissions or increasing access to healthcare. Overall, DHL’s vision and mission statements are good, but there may be room for improvement in terms of specificity and measurability.

L’Oreal’s 6 values:
L’Oreal’s 6 core values are innovation, entrepreneurship, respect, diversity, passion, and responsibility. These values are essential to the company’s success and are ingrained in its culture. Here is a brief description of each value:

Innovation: L’Oreal values creativity and constantly pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the beauty industry.
Entrepreneurship: L’Oreal encourages its employees to take risks, think outside the box, and come up with new ideas.
Respect: L’Oreal values respect for all individuals and is committed to creating an inclusive workplace.
Diversity: L’Oreal recognizes the value of diversity and strives to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.
Passion: L’Oreal employees are passionate about the beauty industry and are driven to create the best products and experiences for customers.
Responsibility: L’Oreal is committed to ethical and sustainable business practices and takes responsibility for its impact on society and the environment.
External factors for the publishing industry:
The publishing industry