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Reflection of Cardiac Interventional Procedures
This module is worth one hundred (100) points.
Assignment Instruc”ons:
You only need to pick three items from all that are provided in module
three, then write a reflec”on paper on your thoughts as you watch, read, or
par”cipate in the observa”ons. Since we are s”ll in a pandemic, I want one
of the three observa”ons to have something related to COVID if possible.
You’re graded on your reflec”on paper. My goal with this assignment is to
expose you to more of the rest of the story for the pa”ent and to learn
anything new that can help you in this pandemic.
The goal of this por!on of the clinical externship class is to get the student
out of their normal rou!ne of tes!ng. What I have found is that students
don’t take the !me to learn new technologies or other forms of tes!ng
because they are so busy with their regular jobs. I have also found that
students resist learning about other modali!es, procedures, and scholarly
work but a”er they complete this module they are very apprecia!ve for
their experiences.
Since COVID-19, I want student to do their observa!ons remotely of other
cardiac interven!onal procedures such as cardiac cath, electrophysiology
procedures etc. I have provided a sampling of procedures for your to
observe via the internet. I also put in medical management ar!cles for you
to consider along with COVID-19 ar!cles.
Write at least a two-page reflec”on on your review of three videos (one
from three different categories) along with a review of a COVID-19 ar”cle
that is provided for you in the week 3 materials.
Cardiac Cath
A-Fib Abla!on
TIPS-Liver Failure
Clinical Trials
Radiological Interven!ons
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Reflection on Cardiac Interventional Procedures

As part of the clinical externship class, I was asked to observe three different cardiac interventional procedures along with a review of a COVID-19 article. After carefully observing three procedures from three different categories (electrophysiology, cardiac cath, and A-Fib ablation), I have gained a better understanding of the complexities involved in these procedures and the importance of utilizing advanced technologies and medical management to improve patient outcomes.

Research Paper Writing Service: Professional Help in Research Projects for Students – One of the procedures I observed was electrophysiology, which is a diagnostic test that is used to identify the electrical pathways of the heart and evaluate patients with heart rhythm disorders. The procedure was carried out remotely and I was able to see the real-time images of the heart and the electrical signals being transmitted through the heart. I was amazed at the precision and accuracy of this procedure, and the ability to diagnose and treat heart rhythm disorders in real-time.

Do My Assignment For Me UK: Class Assignment Help Services Best Essay Writing Experts – Another procedure I observed was cardiac cath, which is a diagnostic test used to evaluate the heart and its blood vessels. During this procedure, a thin, flexible tube was inserted into a blood vessel in the arm or leg and was then guided to the heart to take images of the heart and its blood vessels. This procedure provided valuable information about the heart’s structure and function, which can be used to diagnose and treat various cardiac conditions.

The third procedure I observed was A-Fib ablation, which is a therapeutic procedure used to treat atrial fibrillation. During this procedure, a catheter was inserted into the heart and used to deliver energy to the heart’s electrical system, effectively “resetting” it. This procedure was highly effective in eliminating atrial fibrillation and restoring normal heart rhythm.

Finally, I reviewed a COVID-19 article that discussed the impact of the pandemic on the healthcare system, and how it has affected the delivery of cardiac interventional procedures. The article highlighted the challenges posed by the pandemic, including the shortage of personal protective equipment, increased risk of exposure to the virus, and the need to modify clinical protocols to minimize the risk of exposure. Despite these challenges, the healthcare system has adapted by utilizing telehealth services and other innovative technologies to continue delivering high-quality care to patients.
My experience observing these procedures has provided valuable insights into the complexities and advancements in the field of cardiac interventional procedures. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of utilizing technology and innovation in healthcare, and has underscored the need for continued investment in research and development in this field. I am grateful for the opportunity to expand my knowledge and understanding of this important field.

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