week 4 discussion 872 risk Assessment

Risk Assessment as Standard Practice

What is your agency’s approach to assessing for safety?

Is there a structured safety assessment, protocol, or policy?

Please describe. If one does not exist, please describe an appropriate protocol to your setting.

The client is a social worker. she deals with people struggling with mental health issues and addictions. She is a counsellor


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A commonly used approach to risk assessment in the social work and counseling field is a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s history and current situation to identify potential risks and safety concerns. This may include an assessment of the client’s mental health, substance use, and history of violence or self-harm. The information gathered during the assessment should be used to inform a safety plan and treatment plan for the client.

In addition to the assessment process, it is important for the social worker to have a clear understanding of the ethical and legal implications of confidentiality and the duty to warn in order to ensure the safety of both the client and others.

In the absence of a structured safety assessment protocol, a social worker can develop their own protocol by following best practices and utilizing resources such as the works cited above, as well as guidelines and standards set by professional organizations such as the National Association of Social Workers.

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